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Pridekino 22.8.2017 at 21.30

Brinkkala yard, Turku

Peaches Does Herself (Germany 2012)
Director: Peaches
Length: 80 min

The showing is FREE OF CHARGE.

In co-operation with Kirjakahvila

Peaches Does Herself

A woman. The beats. The attitude. Merrill Nisker's journey from a teacher to the rude priestess of electro sprang from simple beginnings. Nisker created a saucy persona named Peaches and started combining rap and electroclash into a sexually outspoken expression.

Peaches Does Herself is full of visual and musical fireworks, while telling Nisker's outrageous life-story, and includes a cross-section of Peaches' hit material.

"It's a spectacle for the eye and ear" -Indiewire

"A mix of brash celebration and sexual-wilderness heartbreak." -New York Times

"Oodles of other talent flies in and out of frame over the course of this epic nod to Rocky Horror, the “anti-jukebox musical,” but Peaches is its definitive star" -Vice